About us

“Lifestyle in Thailand” Here we mean The way of life of people in Thailand Full of color and variety But blends together perfectly From lifestyle, concepts, each local language, local wisdom, traditions and culture, food, or clothing, etc.

BaanPorPeng (Bann-Por-Peng) comes from the Thai word Meaning a home that is sufficient, fit, or satisfied with what you have or are living in, The term “Bann” here, in addition to the house or residence, May also include villages or communities as well, The term “PorPeng” here, in addition to being mean or Sufficiency, may also mean savings, conservation, frugality, and inexpensive prices, Therefore, in the overall meaning of BaanPorPeng (The sufficiency house) In addition to the meaning of living in the village or community with the principles of sufficiency economy, it also means traveling at an economical price but full of quality and impressive as well.

We are Tourism management agency. with objectives towards sustainability Both in the matter of nature, environment, way of life, tradition, culture, economy, and society for various communities in Thailand. through the forms of responsible tourism such as ecotourism, marine ecotourism, agrotourism, historical tourism, cultural and tradition fair tourism, health tourism, sports tourism, Adventure tourism, homestay and farm stay tourism, volunteer tourism, global warming tourism and community-based tourism.

And in addition, BaanPorPeng is also the center of information gathering for tourism by communities in Thailand As well as being the connection point for tourists who like to travel in various forms With the tourism community Through volunteer tourism activities and environmental preservation as well.

We have various communication channels for those interested in participating in our activities via Whatsapp, E-mail, Line, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, as well as travel inquiries via chat. To truly meet the needs of travellers and volunteers With a vision that is fun, learn, conserve, safe, and sustainable.

Registered under the Code of Commercial Code Is a natural person on January 2019, registration number 3100100333307 Request at 8501262000004 on behalf of the Baan PorPeng and has a reserve to guarantee the confidence of the customers. Trust to use the service.

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